People earn millions of money by uploading videos only through YouTube, but if you are planning to earn money by creating a new YouTube channel, you may feel shocked. YouTube has changed the rules for its new customers. Making videos for millions of YouTube creators is not only creative work but also a way to income. But now YouTube’s video producers will not be able to monetize until their channels gain 10,000 views. YouTube has taken a new step to stop pirated and offensive videos.

YouTube has changed its ‘YouTube Partner Program’ (YPP), which was launched in the year 2007. Anyone on YouTube can upload his own video and the ads are shown with his video, whose share of the earnings is given by the company to the video producer. But now when any video is more than 10,000 views, Youtube will give its produce a part of the earnings.

YouTube said in a blog post, “We will not continue advertising on YPP video until it receives 10,000 views. This new beginning will give us immersive time to determine the validity of the channel. It will also help us to confirm whether the channels are in accordance with our guidelines and the policies of the advertisers. “The post further said that after distributing 10,000 views, the producers also gave a share of their earnings up to 10,000 views. Will go

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Recently, the British government, Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland, McDonald’s and some others had refused to advertise on Google / YouTube when their ads were appearing on radical videos. That’s why Google had to remove the ad after complaining in March and publicly apologize for this. Although this new YouTube policy will not affect those people who are already using it, but the user must provide enough information to Google to determine the validity of new channels.


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