Facebook Suicide Prevention Tool was released in 2016. Last year, more than 70 partners around the world included. Initially, it was introduced only in the US. The Suicide Prevention Tool Now Facebook has introduced a new update that will be available everywhere. New technologies have been used so that several Facebook users who try to live by to prevent suicide. According to the official page on Facebook if the information went through a live broadcast video in question, let us see some of you there will appear an option that lets you can contact an organization directly. After which the body will help. The Crisis Text Line, National Association. and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline institutions have an eating disorder.

Facebook says that in the world every 40 seconds and one death by suicide in suicide among those who are 15 to 29 years of age. Experts say that the best way to prevent suicide is to be heard and understood them. Suicide Prevention Tool Facebook Facebook for people who arrive by a review team is drawn. Watch it from the people who are struggling with problems such as depression and will help them. This team will work 24/7 live chat and also will be available. Facebook Suicide Prevention Tool Option to live streaming has been added.

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Facebook says that our team has launched a new tool for the Facebook app. Which would prevent people from suicide and they family, friends and other colleagues want to talk to them at that time will be added. According to the company, the Mental Health Organisations updates Forefront, Now Matters Now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, save dot org has worked with several institutions. Additionally, suicide, suicide or self-injury had consulted with the people. The social networking site Twitter has recently also introduced a similar tool is a new safety feature. On Twitter, which will help protect you from harassment.


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