If you have some time in the world of the Internet, you must know that all too many do require a credit card for the International Tronskshns. This may be a problem for most people is the debit card or ATM card.

Though these days to get a credit card is quite easy, but it has to apply separately, and your bank account directly from your debit card, not like dice brighten up. Today we’re going to talk about a new concept in which you do not have a physical card valid for some time but still get a credit card. The virtual debit card it says. By use of a virtual card, you can transact with online vendors such as Paypal. Let’s take a look at some popular Indian Virtual Cards.

Pockets by ICICI


Pockets ICICI Bank by which a service to help you get shopping. It is powered by application Visa and acts like a wallet from which you can receive and send money. It does provide a physical card which you also can use in stores. The application money from bank account, mobile numbers on, email ID’s and even WhatsApp and Facebook, etc. You can send through too.

The things that made this a very flexible wallet. The transactions and the use you can Pocket are also unlimited. You can use it for recharges, movie tickets and vouchers can use to get even. With this application, you can share your expenses and your friends can avoid overpaying.

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Lime Wallet from Axis Bank


Also, India is a popular bank on behalf of a wallet of service is. Any wallet of the function performs that. The wallet’s a great feature that it is you automatic expenses reminders set have and further the automatic as your monthly expenses to pay may.

The wallet also offers a tracking option, where is on a dashboard to show your expenses and also show the trend of your expenses so that you can receive your work went smoothly. It will be able to track their spending habits.

Freecharge Go Mastercard

freecharge go

Freecharge India’s one of the top digital payments startup and they do exist from 2010. He called Freecharge Go Mastercard are a service offer.

They tie up with Yes Bank, with which it will have a virtual card offer you can use for online shopping and transactions. This 3D authentication enabled and therefore every transaction is the security tight. On this card, you eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and many other E-Commerce websites can use to buy anything.

In India, these are some services that you can create the Virtual credit cards or other transactions using your Online can easily use.


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