Earlier news has been reached that Reliance Industries is working on feature phones with 4G VoLTE capability. The company’s aim is to provide its rural network through Reliance Jio. Now, a new report claims that Google and Reliance Jio have joined hands to develop a cost-effective 4G VoLTE. Exclusive reliance on the Live Network will work on.

This new report meets the statement given by Google CEO Sundar Pichai during the India tour in January. Pichai had said that the need for smartphones with a $30 (about Rs 2,000) in the country is very much needed. On Monday, the Hindu Business Line said in a report quoting industry sources that the affordable 4G smartphone developed by Google and Reliance Jio will be launched by the end of this year.

This report further states that Google’s bonding will help Reliance Jio to sell the smartphone. Whereas Google will be able to reach the Internet to more people. The report claimed that the pre-installed Jio app will be integrated into the Android platform.

In relation to this partnership by Google, Greyhound Research CEO claimed that this would give Google “a large number of new users the opportunity to connect to the Internet for the first time” It will also be able to maintain the price smartphone policy properly.

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This report says that Google and Reliance Jio have also made a separate partnership to develop software for Jio’s Smart TV service. This smart TV service has to be launched this year.

We have tried to talk about this report from Google and Reliance Jio, and after receiving their feedback, we will also give you new information regarding this.


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