Facebook added a new feature in its messenger app on Monday, with the help of which users will be able to share their location for one hour continuously. Facebook Messenger of this new feature is to be seen on the challenge of such a feature of Apple and Google Maps.

The company has found that during interaction with Messenger users often ask these questions how far are you? This Product Manager Messenger Stan Cdnovski reported in an interview.

He said, “Such people often ask and they are most interested in knowing this.”

The location information sharing option is optional. But it will be in live mode. If a user shares this information with his friend, then his friend will be able to monitor his movements for 60 minutes.

Messenger was previously a part of the Facebook smartphone app, but the company launched a new app in 2014 as Facebook Messenger. Since then, the company has made frequent changes to improve this app so that its identity can be separated from Facebook.

Google Maps had informed last week that some such live feature is also being added in its app. The company expects the user to use this app for a long time due to this feature. It is worth noting that the Apple iPhone has a similar feature in the messages app.

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Facebook has tested this feature in Mexico. It was only ready in October last year. But the company took five months before making this feature public. During this time there was an attempt to reduce the effect of phone battery life on the basis of the feature.


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