is a native sponsored content platform. You are Links to your content and landing pages appear side-by-side with other sponsored or organic content on websites that are part of the network, attracting new, highly-engaged readers to your site. Advertisers pay a per-click amount for each click to their campaigns. and quickly shows you what’s working so you can build on your successes.

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Content Rating

G: Absolutely no suggestive content of any kind, including images of people showing any amount of skin. No mature topics or depictions of violence.

PG: No sex-related or sensual content. The tasteful imagery associated with topics such as swimwear, body art, and fitness may include skin. Select entertainment images and topics may include mild violence.

PG-13: Content includes sexual topics or non-explicit suggestive imagery, as well as violence in news or entertainment media. Includes terms and images that may be considered “sexy”.

R: All of our sponsored content can be shown here. Content may be sexual in nature, sensational, shocking or outrageous. Creative content does NOT contain nudity, pornography or explicit sex.  Features

  • 100% fill rate
  • Get Automatedly New Content Updates.
  • High eCPM,CTR,eCPC Rates.
  • Easy installation
  • Clean and responsive Content ads.
  • High quality sponsored Content ads.
  • Easy WordPress Integration.
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Payment Method

  • eCheck/Local Bank Transfer
  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer



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