Instant messaging app WhatsApp is good news for those using. WhatsApp’s probably on his eighth birthday gift is given to the user. WhatsApp their Android, iOS and Windows Phone users globally to have issued a new WhatsApp Status feature. To write a text message, status update WhatsApp days are gone now. With the new featured status WhatsApp their photo, video or GIF is more fun than ever before with the update.

WhatsApp was reported this week by the new status of the feature. This feature was first released in Europe. Status Feature of WhatsApp user interface in addition to several important changes have been made. Now WhatsApp chats and calls in the middle of the tab have a new status. WhatsApp now the status Snap chat Feature Stories can also use with video as well as small. It’s status as user photos, videos and can GIFs. The funny thing is that after 24 hours of WhatsApp status updating status will disappear automatically. WhatsApp status to all your contacts as the default look. However, you can click the top left corner of the three dot can change privacy settings.

Status tab first, “My Status” tab by clicking on which you can view your status and can know who has seen your status. Feature status after WhatsApp on your status whenever a user sees, you’ll know which of your contacts see your status is. You can also forward status and it can forward the text message contact.

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whatsapp status

When you click on a user’s status, you’ll get the option to reply. So the status of Facebook posts can comment. But it will look the same in your chat window with user comments. The “Recent Updates” in the new status will be updated by a user you that you have not seen yet. And the status of the contacts that you have seen click ‘Wud status “will appear in.

If you want to change your status in the Status tab in the bottom right corner on the screen turned the green color of the round icon. Click the photo from camera or gallery if you want to upload the photo and text to upload.

Now the point of the change in the interface of WhatsApp. Status tab after the first camera icon on the main screen before the chat is visible on the left side. The camera also has a separate tab. Similarly, on the bottom right corner of the main screen, click on the icon in the green color of the new chat and can create new groups.


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