Two-step verification feature for several months after the test has informed that the WhatsApp feature for Android, iPhone and Windows platform is being rolled out to all users. After two-step verification feature when users register their phone number on WhatsApp 6 figures will require the passcode, which will be with the help of this feature. Verify the phone number via the app or have to be ever.

The optional security feature used to go into the settings of the user WhatsApp. Later in the account. Then you must enable two-step verification. This information is provided by the company. This feature will make active after the user passcode. And will have the email address. Passcode for recovery email address in case you forget to use.

The company said about this feature, “If you ever forget passcode 6 figures WhatsApp via email address will send you a link. With its help, you can two-step verification feature inactive. In addition it for the security of your account is the best. ”

whatsapp new security

WhatsApp will not be said to Email Address Verify. The user enter the correct email address, in case you forget the passcode lock will not be here.

Also you can enable two-step verification feature and you are using WhatsApp without entering the passcode for seven days the phone number you will not be able to re-Verify.

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This means that if you forget the passcode. To disable two-step verification and did not have the email address you will not be permitted to Verify number on WhatsApp.

Further explained, “After seven days without a passcode on your phone number will be allowed to re-Verify. But after doing all your pending messages are deleted. If your numbers after 30 days of use on WhatsApp Verify the happens without passcode. Your account will be deleted and a new account will be created. “


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