Paytm bringing WhatsApp to bump PayTM Messaging service too. This service will be launched by the end of August. The company will add this new feature to your existing app. Then Paytm users chat, audio will be able to picture and video stock.

The e-commerce company in China Paytm invested by Alibaba and the Japanese technology company Softbank.

Two people familiar with the messaging app Paytm has said. However, the company has no official comment from the spokesperson. That being said Paytm has been working for the past three months on this new feature. Another person familiar with messaging service plan says that at the moment of Paytm are users 23 million and messaging will become the largest app that WhatsApp at the beginning of service.

What is happening in the Paytm messaging service

Information to bring Paytm messaging service comes at a time when WhatsApp is busy planning its foray into digital payment market. Explain that after the ban, digital payments have been encouraged in India. Paytm has played a leading role in this direction. Given this, the WhatsApp has also ventured into the field of digital payment.

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