A new update for Microsoft Windows 10 is going to come. With this update, the company is going to make many changes in Windows 10 but there is a bad news too. The company has decided to close the year-old feature Microsoft Paint. Is not bad news. With the end of this feature, a lot of people will miss their childhood. Your childhood memories will also be linked to Microsoft Paint. Microsoft Paint came with the 1.0 version of Windows for the first time in 1985. After that it has been much better done in Windows 98 You could now save the picture in JPEG format as well.

Along with time changes were made in paint. But there were some limitations of paint.
The company had painted 3D introductions in April itself. These features were installed with Traditional Paint. There were some features for 3D image and basic 2D image editing was also provided. But it was quite different from original paint.

But now with the new updates of Windows 10, Outlook Express, Reading App, and Reading List, along with the company has listed it in the features to be discontinued.
The company is going to make this spot special when any feature that works for the longest time of Microsoft will be discontinued.

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